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November 2005
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There have been some additions and updates to the Christian Home Education website which may interest you in the UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA and SOUTH AFRICA.

I have created two new sections called Information Technology for Homeschoolers and another section Healthy Living.

New and Updated Articles
Homeschooling and Education Quotes - a fairly large collection of quotes about Homeschooling and Education, please feel free to add to your own favorite quote to this collection, just email me your favorite quotation about homeschooling or education. The Bach Remedies by Dr David R. Sim - The thirty eight Bach flower remedies are presented as effective means of reducing or, possibly, eliminating these unwelcome symptoms of human weakness and restoring mental and physical equilibrium. Homoeopathy In The Treatment of ADD by Dr David R. Sim. Car Schooling and Travel Games - an interesting collection of activities while traveling, extracted from the forum which was on this website in 2002.

Education in an Electronic Age (Internet Safety) by John Edelson Tips for Parents on Helping Your Child Learning to Read by John Edelson

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Popular Pages on CHE
The following articles continue to be popular

The State of Education by Dr. Donald Stevens
An Article about Teaching and Tuition by Dr Donald Stevens
The Great Historical Sandwich
by Dr. Donald Stevens
How to hold a pen correctly Duet6v7
Prepare your Child for School Updated Article

Updated Website Design I have re-designed the website, with a more pleasing layout and about time too, after 5 years of grey! See what you think! The new design make better use of the available page space and is largely based on CSS - Cascading Stylesheets. The new layout allows articles to print more easily. (please email comments to Have a Look.

Write an Article for CHE
If you are interested in writing for the CHE website please let me know since some of the best and most popular articles have been contributed by readers. The type of articles I'm looking for are:
  • Issues about Education and Schooling
  • "A day in the life of a Homeschooler"
  • Education Quotations
  • Homeschooling Advice and Tips

All article contributions are appreciated. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate the positive comments and encouragement I have received over the years. Thank you for your continued support. Roland Munyard

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