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Financial Focus for Kids

by Harold Herring

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of three powerful financial books for our children. The “Financial Focus for Kids" Series is targeted for all age groups. These power packed lessons are filled with practical and scriptural principles that can change the very course of a child's financial future. Your kids will learn:

God's design for their money
Powerful principles for becoming a good money manager in life
Why giving is such an integral part of God's plan
What a true steward is all about
How to develop a debt- free mindset

The Financial Focus for Kids books are perfect for parents, grandparents , homeschoolers or small class teachers. These books will impact the financial future of your children by helping them understand the importance of financial freedom!

Financial Focus For Kids (56 pages-large edition)--$20.00
This book targets specific age groups such as preschool, grades 1-3 and 4-6 and is filled with lessons, handouts, scripture, games, puzzles and even 4 bonus stories.

Financial Focus for Junior High Students (56 pages)--$15.00
Statistics shows Junior High kids are spending almost 90 billion dollars a year in discretionary items. They are inundated by advertising that lures them into thinking that easy money has no consequences. It tries to convince them to buy into the 'have it all now and worry about it later plan!' This book is a perfect tool to help our Junior High age kids get a grip on the basics of finance and learn the truth about becoming a good money manager.

Financial Focus for Senior High Students (64 pages)--$15.00
The success of your teenager's future will be directly affected by their knowledge about money. Their decisions will be based on their understanding and determination not to fall into the trap of debt. Are they equipped with wisdom about staying debt free? Are they able to responsibly spend, save, or budget? Do they know how to set short or long term goals? Will they enter the next phase of life with the financial tools they will need? Thought provoking questions and personal pages will bring important financial principles to a personal level.

The three-book series will sell for $50 but we are proud to offer them at a pre-publication price of $40. The books are at the printers and will be ready for shipment before the end of July. If you would like to place an advance order go,com_philaform/Itemid,52/form_id,1/ and under comments put KIDS BOOKS SPECIAL or you may order them through Connie in our office (toll-free 1-800-583-2963 ext 100.)

These powerful books will help insure that our children will never be servants to the lender (Proverbs 22:607.)

Harold Herring

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