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Negative Comments about Homeschooling

God, you're all sick. You're probably cynical of what others want to teach your children, and you respond with paranoia. You want to tailor and fashion your children like pieces of cloth, to be worn by specific people. But let's not fool ourselves--we are all in this world. And with good parental guidance, children will learn about the world's vices and pitfalls, without adopting them. There is no need to keep them in a sheltered nursery. The type of censorship suggested in this page is too extreme. Let your kids be in the world, not of the world. Further more, as a 15 year old student I must say that if I spent every waking moment of the day with my parents, I would get suffocated even though I love them. Besides, you made a spelling error on this page. "if you cannot bare to watch it twice then why should they?" it should be spelt as "bear". Some home teacher you are. - Sun Aug 10 2003

Chris Mante When I was in school--New York, 1949-1965, not at home, BTW--I learned that it was a mark of semi-illiteracy to style oneself "Dr." or any other such. We were taught the correct form was: John Jones, PhD. or MD. and the like. From what I see on your site--which I happened across while researching "Tumbledown Dick" Cromwell--you universally use "Dr." in identifying your members/correspondents/whatever. Has the style changed or does home schooling use a non-standard (I hesitate to say "incorrect", but there it is) stylebook)? Is this a danger (yours or mine) of speaking only to the choir and missing what the "enemy" considers proper. Dialog with those holding differing views is a necessary part of education. I've always suspected the home schooling movement was designed to prevent this. Your non-standard use of this honorific tends to confirm me in my belief. Chris Mante -All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.--Blaise Pascal - Sun Jan 22 2006

My goodness, the English, grammar and spelling in this page concern me greatly. Are you responsible for home-schooling your child? If yes, then please check your website for mistakes or get someone to do it for you before your child suffers!!! - Sun Feb 05 2006

I think that kids should be able to play with any toy they want!!!!!!!!!! I mean they are just kids!!!!!!!! SORRY BUT I DISSAGREE WITH YOU! - Mon Jan 30 2006

i think that home schooling is bad. b\c kids are not around other kids and they can not make mistakes if they are home schooled. - Thu Apr 06 2006

Children will not get the big money when older and not a get job. - Mon Apr 10 2006

A Teen - Ok im a teen. I got to public school. I have a comment. Naturally, you want to protect your kid from bad influences. But think about it. Just how long do you think you can protect them? Sooner or later, they have to face the nasty part of life. Bullying is a part of life. Even after school, it is still something they will have to deal with. Plus, a homeschooler is a bully magnet. You say schooling isnt the real world. Well to you its not. But to a teen or a kid, it is the world. Forget about preparing them for later on for a while. They need the chance to be a NORMAL kid in a normal enviroment. All kids just want to be normal. They need time to be a kid, then worry about being and acting like an adult later. Dont take that away from them. - Tue Apr 18 2006

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More than one million children are Homeschooling in the United States and approximately 150,000 children are homeschooled in the United Kingdom, (about 50,000 families homeschool in England)

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