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Cool Software Programs

A collection of cool software programs suitable for homeschoolers


Keeping Home Accounts with Moneydance

For those interested in a simple to use home accounting software that will balance your records and automatically connect to bank and collect journal records you can't do much better than MONEYDANCE.

MONEYDANCE works with both Windows XP and Linux because it runs as a Java application.

I have searched high and low for financial software for both home and business. I have used Quicken, MYOB, gnucash and web applications and have not found something as cost affective and as easy to use as MONEYDANCE. It is a no nonsense, simple to use, feature rich, affordable financial software which will probably do most things you need it to do and you won't have to relearn everything each time you use MONEYDANCE.

As I have said elsewhere I have no problem paying money for software which works well, is affordable where I believe the developers of the software will not release irrelevant versions simply to generate revenue. I also prefer software where you don't have to relearn everything each time to do an upgrade. An good example of this is Linux where once you have learnt a command or function it operates the same way on any other distribution of Linux compared to Windows who change many of their commands with each release.

MONEYDANCE is very cheap, have a look at their website, I think they have a 30-day free trial and the price is around $30.

Screen Capture Programes


I often need to capture information off the screen, images, pages etc. I have found two very able programmes, the first is ScreenPrint32 which functions well and seems to do most of what I want, Software registration is free for personal, charitable and educational uses


However, for myself I prefer to use Snagit. This is the most versatile screen capture programme I have ever come across. It cost me about $60 and allows free upgrades within the version number. It captures video, full pages or windows, scrolling windows and video

If you are a homeschooler and you want a programme that all the family can use and will see you through your education years I think this is the best choice. It also has a versitiel edit and annotation studio so that you use to label and anotate nything you capture and print it off.

Snagit has a 30-day trial and is available at the following web site

Version Tracker

The purpose of Version Tracker is to notify you when software on your computer is updated. They have made it identifiy and download the updated software and drivers.

I find it very useful to discover software I am likely to be interested in since the daily updates provide some indication as to how popular each product is by user ratings and by the number of times it is being downloaded. Since using it I have discovered some really useful software and confirmed that my current list of essential software is equally well liked by others.

Version Tracker is very affordable commercial software which currently costs about $29 for 12 months subscription (early 2006).Your yearly subscription entitles you to install the software on three separate computers. If you sign up as a free member you can still receive the daily updates and can log into the website to annually maintain your computer.

Driver Detective

Have you ever rebuit your computer and needed to find the correct drivers. Driver detective will help you find the correct current crivers to update your system quickly and easily. My dad put me on to this software. One clear advantage is that once you have paid for the product you can use it on all your computers. Paid members have lifelong free software upgrades

The product is moderately priced at about $30




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