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Toddler Art Ideas

Some Art Ideas - By Roland Munyard

I am particularly interested in art and creativity. Here are a list of ideas, updated as and when we do them. If you have done something that is fun and easy please let me know

Coloured Sand Bottles, 18th July 00
Rachel saw this at Legoland and requested we do it the following day. Get a small slim bottle and some different coloured sand. We make a paper funnel ( paper and sticky tape) to pour the sand into the bottle with. Hold the bottle at different angles to produce different effects. Be sure to fill the bottle to the top and tap gently to get the sand to settle.

Paper Mache dinosaur - a while back
We got this idea from Art Attack, which includes loads of other projects. I recommend this book and associated video's although I would'nt especialy go out and buy them unless you do a lot of activites. We ended up making a pretty nice dinosaur and painted it green with coloured spots.

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