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Jump Rope Rhymes

Alphabet | Australian | Baby | Cinderella | Double Dutch | Famous People | Lost Rhymes | Found Rhymes | Mailman | Numbers and Counting | Policeman | Sailor | Teddy Bear

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quite large
The original ( Jump Rope Page which very large!)

** Contribute a New Rhyme ** Do you have an unknown Rhyme to contribute?

Do you recognize these Lost Rhymes - Parts of Rhymes we are trying to complete. Can you help?

Alphabet - Alphabet Jump Rope Rhymes and variations
Australian - Australian Jump Rope Rhymes and variations
Baby - Baby Jump Rope Rhymes and variations
Cinderella - Jump Rope Rhymes and variations
Double Dutch - Double Dutch Jump Rope Rhymes
Famous People - Famous People Rhymes

Lost Rhymes - Per hap you will recognize some of these rhymes? Can you help me locate these missing songs or perhaps you are trying to find a song you can only remember parts of ?
Found Rhymes - Once a song is found it goes into this category unless I already have category allocated. Thanks for all the help in finding these rhymes!

Mailman - Mailman Mailman variations
Numbers and Counting - Numbers and Counting Jumprope Rhymes|
- Policeman Jump Rope Rhymes
Sailor - Sailor Jump Rope Rhymes
Teddy Bear - Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Songs and Variations

This Jump Rope Song collection has grown so large that I have begun to group them into categories and themes. Unfortunately it may take a little longer to browse through the entire collection, but it is also easier to find interesting rhyms..

I appreciate call the song and rhyme contributions I receive, Please send in you unusual Rhymes and Songs, I am also very interested in building a collection song from different countries you if you know of any please add them to this collection.

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