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comparison of "music lessons on-line"

Review by Evelyn Holt the producer of

I am surprised at how few REAL on-line lessons are actually available. but then after having done the research and development of virtual lessons on line for guitar, I understand why. Here is a sample of what one finds when researching actual lessons on-line!

I happen to know that homeschoolers look for quality courses. That is the second criteria which is as variable as can be. I have not taken course material into consideration in this research.
no lessons
free download of CD
9 lessons available.
lessons must be read
no sound
no on- line lessons.
buy books and cd's

wholenote on-line guitar community
all tablature ( not education)

BerkleeMusic theory 12 lessons $595.00
Harmonic ear training 12 lessons $495.000
Arranging 1 12 lessons $495.00
Arranging 2 12 lessons $495.00
Keyboard method 12 lessons $495.00
Ear training 6 lessons $395.00
With ordered course material
No lessons online.

(prices accurate that the time of writing)

Wisdom of the woods ( wood instruments)
No lessons on line.
buy videos
products for sale
dialup takes 16 minutes

http://www.grandcentralmusic not available theory

Melodyman. Products
Guitars - on-line products

A note from the reviewer Evelyn Holt

I would be happy for you to review my site

  • Each lesson is fully animated.
  • Lesson material is sent via e-mail to each student upon completion of each lesson. It contains homework to do as well.
  • When studying music, no matter what instrument, sound is a must!
  • Sound with animation is a huge plus!
  • If students have questions, they are answered in a timely manner, by sending their questions to

Evelyn Hohn

Note. The veiws held in this document are those of Evelyn Holt.

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