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Reader Rabbit Math Adventure Ages 6-9 (Jewel Case)
- B00005IB4S

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Now with A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology that helps children build critical elementary math skills. Kids will explore Pirate Island with Sam the Lion, Penelope the Parrot, and Reader Rabbit. Each fun activity has many play levels, progressing from the easiest to most difficult.

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# 9780439210331
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The Grapes Of Math
Gregory Tang - Scholastic Press 043921033X

Greg Tang shows readers creative ways to use patterns and combinations of numbers to solve math puzzles quickly and effectively. The Grapes Of Math by Gregory Tang and Harry Briggs has one genre of math problems presented in an amusing fashion with good art. The genre is patterns of objects with breaks in the patterns. The children are expected to look at the patterns as groupings or shapes to figure out the total number of objects without counting one-by-one. This is a good book. The kids like it. The problems are amusing, even bordering on tickling. My only problem with this book is that an overview of methods for solving the problems should be at the beginning. But so what? There are a few ways to look at the problems and the kids actually sit down to do them without being pestered.

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