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Welcome to Shop @, a source of quality homeschool products. I offer a comprehensive list of Christian Homeschooling Books and Curriculum which include the following subjects home education and family, bible character and training, early learning, phonics and reading, history, maths, science, history, latin, organisation, encouragement and motivation.


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I have expanded the range of products reviewed and recommended to include Games, Video and Software and Books. These products are constantly been reviewed and updated by myself and other homeschoolers. I will continue to display and advertise a good quality catalog of available homeschooling books on this web site. If you would like to see more of a particular range for products please contact me.

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Christian Homeschooling Books

These books were originally selected by Tracy van den Broek, a UK home-schooling mother of 10 children over the past 14 years. Tracy continues to offer quality curriculum products on her website

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Banner of Truth -
Bethany House -
Bob Jones University Press -
Rick Boyer -
Canon Press -
Christian Liberty Press -
Common Sense Press -
Continuing Education Press -
Critical Thinking -
Critical Thinking Press -
Crossway -
Doorposts -
Eagles Wings -
Explorers Bible Study -
Green Pastures Press
Greenleaf Press -
HarperCollins - or
Literacy unlimited -
Highschool Science -
The Moore Foundation -
Mott Media -
Provident Project
Reformed Free Publishing Association -
Rod and Staff
Scandinavia Publishing House -
Scripture union -
Saxon Maths -
Schofield and Sims -


Good News Pub
Greenleaf Press
Holly Hall PublicationsMott Media
Readers Digest
Saxon Pub
Schofield & Sims
Shepherd Press
Vital Issues Press
Whole Heart Ministries
Wine Press Publishing
Word Publishing

How Great Thou Art

Memoria Press Memoria Press

Nothing New Press Nothing New Press

Summit Christian Online Academy

Thru the Bible

Peace Hill Press

A Beka Books


Arrow Press

Bright Ideas Press


Builder Books
Cannon Press
Christian Liberty Press
Common Sense Press
Crossway Books

Calvert School

Christian Liberty Academy



Covenant Home

GCB Pub Group
David C Cook Pub Co

Digital Learning Network





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More than one million children are Homeschooling in the United States and approximately 150,000 children are homeschooled in the United Kingdom, (about 50,000 families homeschool in England)

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