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Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children's Literature
Elizabeth Wilson - 0891074414

A guide to the best children's literature For all those of us who have wondered which books are suitable for which age group, this book is very helpful. Books are listed and reviewed under several sections including biography, humour, literature, animals, special days and seasons etc. Help your children to learn to appreciate good books and get to know them like friends.

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Hearts and Hands
Darrel Trulson - Christian Liberty Press 1930092008

Beginning drill in letters, phonics and numbers (workbook).

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# 1062
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Hugenout Garden
Douglas Jones - Cannon Press 188069221X

A Children's Story of Faith ,Huguenot Garden is a children's story of the daily and adventurous episodes in the lives of René and Albret, young twin sisters in a seventeenth-century, French Protestant family. The story follows the twins and the rest of the Martineau family as they work, worship, commune, and suffer persecution together. For children five and up.

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