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An article about homescholing in France by the Hoffmeister Family living in France who have a recording studio and a live music room fitted in the house. They produce french audio CDs (stories and music). Find out about their homeschooling experience and new family business in France.


Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Course - Ka-Ching! Business Parenting is a structured yet flexible course that a parent and a child work on together and which aims at improving the child’s future success in the field of business.


Starting to home educate



Christian Homeschooling - by Dr. David Field
The State of Education by Dr. Donald Stevens
An Article about Teaching and Tuition by Dr Donald Stevens
The Great Historical Sandwich by Dr. Donald Stevens
English / British Historical Doggerel by Dr. Donald Stevens
Homoeopathy In The Treatment of ADD by Dr David R. Sim
How to hold a pen correctly Duet6v7
Prepare your Child for School Updated Article
The Bach Remedies by Dr David R Sim
Aspergers Syndrome - Understanding and Educating by (name withheld by request)

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  • Art and the Bible - Reasons to be creative

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Tracy van den Broek is keeping a journal (Blog) of her day schooling traveling activities which you may find interesting at Tracy and Ron are veteran homeschoolers in the UK and have 10 homeschooled children.

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More than one million children are Homeschooling in the United States and approximately 150,000 children are homeschooled in the United Kingdom, (about 50,000 families homeschool in England)

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