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Essential Software

A brief list of what I consider to be essential software.

  • TextPad - a Notepad replacement which supports regular expressions
  • WinZip - never seem be get by with out this.
  • IrfanView - Image viewer and manipulator
  • Adobe Acrobat - viewer for PDF files
  • AntiVir Personal - free anti virus program
  • OpenOffice - A free Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation and HTML Editor, interoperable with MSWord, Excel.
  • FinePrint - Will save you paper by printing double sided, and 2, 4 or 8 pages to a pages to a page, prints double sided booklets, I use it all the time, if you orten print web pages you will love this program.
  • Putty - SSH and telnet client
  • cygwin - a linux/unix environment running on win32
  • Xmanager - X window manager

I install most of these products after installing a new operating system, I generally map the CDROM to the Z: drive so that it is always las drive in case I need to add a new partition or additional hard drive or cd rom. I then create a DATA partition which is separate from the C: Drive, (preferably on a separate hard drive) you may want to consider calling it it H: for Home L: for local D: for Data or P: for Private/Personal, I do this so that if I ever need to reinstall windows on the C: drive may data remains safe on the L Drive.

If you have a spare computer knocking about, you may want to consider installing and running Linux, current releases of Linux are increasingly user friendly and rival the features of proprietary operation systems. For more information about linux please read Linux in the home and office

SpyWare and HiJack Software

Be aware the spyware and hijack software is rife on the internet, use and any of the products below which will completely remove most spyware and hijack software, unless it is one which has just started spreading.

Cool Software Programs

I have reviewed some of my preffered software here Cool Software Programs The software described and reviewed in include

Web Softare / Applications

gMail - a web email account, that currently provides about 2.6GB of email storage, it hinges on the idea that you should never need to delete an email due to space restrictions. Email is searchable so you can easily find email.

Skype - talk to anyone anywhere using your computer and an internet connection.

Flickr - store a selection of your photos online, so that you can share them with family and friends.



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