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Family Films and Video

This is the start of what I hope to will become a comprehensive collections of film and video titles suitable for Family entertainment and education. - If you will to contribute to this page please make contributions to


These sites offer some recommendations and lists of dvd and video

OOther Resources:
British Film Institutes Education Site
The Film Education Web Site
Young Media Australia
Teach With Movies
A Parent's Guide to Children's Films


Family film list


I am going to try and put together a list of film and video worth watching together as a family. Film can be for both entertainment/pleasure as well as educational. It just knowing what to what and at what age.

If you have your own collection of favourite film / video please share it with us.


We have been watching the "Christy" collection of videos which is a lot like the "Anne of Green Gables" style of story telling. I don't know what else to compare it to. My 8 year and 5 year old daughters have enjoyed watching the series. We are on Volum # 5 with about 7 more to go?

It is about a young female teacher named Christy who goes to America from England to a school in the mountains "Cutters Gap" The video shows the trials she endures and probably a view of life in the 20th century in Tennessee USA.

Check out the Christy website

The series whe have been watching is produced by MTM Home Videos and ROSENZWEIG - it has provided hours of entertainment so far.


We recently bought the collection of Anne of Green Gables (3 Videos) which provides us with much pleasure, We were careful to only watch them is small chunks.

After this we borrowed Little Women from the library. I would like to watch them again at some time. I think in part these films and some background information which I provided to my daughter Rachel about Enid Blyton has inspired her to want to be a writer.




I just wanted to say that Christy is a really great book and is even better than the series. Catherine Marshall based her book Christy on the life of her mother. Christy comes from the Carolinas, not England. She goes to Appalachia (where I am from) to teach the children of Cutter Gap, Tennessee. Fairlight Spencer's grandson still owns family property there.

God bless you and your family,


Hi, we enjoy watching the "Touched by an Angel" series. Also there is a lovely film called "Joshua" which is wonderful.




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