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Swimming Pool Games for Family and Children

There are some great pool games for your family and children, We have started collecting, If you know of any please let us know.


Marco Polo

The person on has to close his eyes and try and catch the others by calling out Marco. The others will respond by saying Polo. The person on will then gauge where the others are and try and catch them without peeping.

Ball In the Middle

Two teams who stand opposite each other with corresponding numbers.


1 5
2 4
3 ball 3
4 2
5 1

Plant the ball in the middle and call a number at random. Each person with that number has to dash to get the ball to get a point for their team. Play ends when a team reaches a certain amount of points or a time limit.

Ball Over and Under

Stand the two teams in lines next to each other. Each front member has a ball. On the command of a "go" each team has to pass the ball over, then under until it reaches the last person - who then swims to the front and starts passing the ball again until all members have been in the front and back in their start position.

Tag Ball

Parents tag kids with ball to get them out by bumping them on the head/body. The children can dive under the water to avoid getting tagged.

Manekin Relay

Manekin relay Divide children into two teams. Each team chooses one member who will be their"manekin".The game is best played across the width (rather than the length) of the pool. On one side is a pile of clothes (Go for maximun laugh value here - colourful football socks, a crazy wig etc)Each team lines up on the other side. On the whistle,one member jumps in, swims across and retreives one piece of clothing,swims back with it,gets out of the pool and dresses the manekin in the item. When each swimmer has had their turn and the manekin is fully (and now weirdly) dressed, the manekin swims to the other side. The winning team is the one whose manekin swims to the other side first. - Sat Oct 30 2004




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