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Board Games

Board games are great opportunities to spend reasonable lengths of time with your family, one to one games like Chess and GO are as great opportunities to discuss topic of interest and to teach. Games like Monopoly and Risk are great family games. Take the games with on camping trips and picnics.


Easily played, by kids from about 8 onwards, teaching the game can be quite time consuming, but even the process of teaching is an excellent way of spending time together.


This is a game I only recently learned about, very popular in Asia and quite addictive.

Ma laba laba

This game brings back fond memories, I was tought it in Africa, by Douglas one of the men who worked for my Dad and Mum.

Shut the Box

Not exactly a board game, this is an old english game, where only one play plays at a time, the object is to throw the dice and then turn flip the numbers attached to the board, until the box is shut or no more numbers can be turned, (numbers 1 through to 9) Teaches elementary mathematics


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More than one million children are Homeschooling in the United States and approximately 150,000 children are homeschooled in the United Kingdom, (about 50,000 families homeschool in England)

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