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Comments - Tongue Twisters

These are some of the comments recieved about the collection fo Tongue Twisters on this website, the full collection of Tongue Twisters can be found here.

I just wanted to say I used some of your tongue twisters as examples for a voice reading software review on and added a link to your site. Good page too, with quite a few there I hadn't seen before. I hope thats okay, let me know if that's a problem. Peter Frost - Sat Nov 13 2004


wow some of these are hard to say 3 times fast!!! - Mon Oct 20 2003

thank you for this page it is very fun to try to sit here and try to figure all these funny tongue twisters out!!!!!!!!!!! - Fri Oct 24 2003

I need help with my first middle and last name. - Wed Nov 12 200

these are some good twisters but i have a brace so i arnt right good at saying them!"! - Sat Mar 27 2004

i was outa breath before i g2 the middle of the page - Tue Mar 30 2004

this page is fantastic. keep up with the good work. - Wed Aug 04 2004

very dull but it is ok and that is all....hmmm a little more color if you can pls... - Wed Aug 18 2004

Excellent list of twisty tongue twisters.Helped me out with my esl classes. - Wed Sep 01 2004

Hi Homeschool Thanks for your tongue twister web site. Any ideas on where I can find the one called A BLACK STORY. It starts: Two boot blacks, a white boot black and black boot black stood together doing nothing. The white boot black proposed that he should the boots of the black boot black . . . Any guidance will be appreciated. Cheers Ron Isaac - Wed Sep 29 2004

this page is cool i never thought you could have so many twisters - Mon Sep 27 2004

good page m8 - Wed Sep 29 2004

great - Sat Nov 27 2004

stupis idiots those arent tounge twisters no im not drunk eather!!!! - Thu Dec 23 2004

very bad,worst toungue twisters. - Wed Dec 29 2004

THank you, we enjoyed some of these tongue twisters. One suggestion would be to correct the spelling of "tongue" in your title. Thanks for such a fun page. - Mon Jan 17 2005

the more you study, the more you know, the more you know, the more you forget, the more you forget, the less you know, so.... WHY STUDY! - Thu Feb 17 2005

it is sooo good cause it helped me with my homework - Sun Feb 20 2005

think the tongue twisters are really good but can you add some more that starts with the letter k,c or q because we need to do it for school and it has to start with our name my name is kristine thanx 4 your time - Sun Feb 27 2005

i loved this web page - Mon Feb 28 2005

These are very good and hard tongue twisterts!!!!! - Wed Mar 02 2005

itz kool - Mon Apr 11 2005

Do you have anymore? - Wed Apr 13 2005

This website is brilliant, I love it!!! - Fri Apr 22 2005

hey! your spelling of tongue is incorrect!! - Sun Jun 05 2005

this page is brill it is quite hard - Sat May 28 2005

these are some good twisters but i have a brace so i arnt right good at saying them!"!

wow some of these are hard to say 3 times fast!!!

you guys have taken much effort to entertain us.- zaidi's. - Mon Nov 14 2005

Those tonge-twisters were very outstanding.Do more tonge-twisters. You are brilliant - Mon Jan 30 2006

some boring some great - Mon Feb 20 2006

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