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This page describes changes, updates or additions to the homeschool web site in reverse chronological order.

11 March 2006 - updated website.

24 November 2005 - Moved to CSS, and changed colour scheme, after 5 years of gray. The site can now be printed more professionally and with less paper wastage.

12 November 2005 - Moved most resources into the Resources directory

14th October 2005 - Another clean up, new articles, dynamic links added using RSS feed

7th October 2005 - Removed redundant Data, cleaned up templates, introduced the Software list and Software Review, enabled browsers to contribute and update pages more easily, made the site more easier to navigate.

20th Sep 2004 - Tidy up and Adsense updates, I have kept the adsense details as unobtrusive as possible, money received goes towards maintaining this web site.

17th May 2004 - Changed all the lower case heading to standard mixed case headings which included both capitalised and lowercase writing. - this simply required a change to the cascading style sheet.


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More than one million children are Homeschooling in the United States and approximately 150,000 children are homeschooled in the United Kingdom, (about 50,000 families homeschool in England)

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