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One Two buckle my shoe

One two buckle my shoe
Three four close the door
Five six pick up sticks
Seven eight shut the gate
Nine ten start again
{continue until someone makes a mistake}

When I was three

When I was three I banged my knee,
When I was four I shut the door,
When I was five I learned to jive,
When I was six I picked up sticks,
When I was seven I went to heaven,
When I was eight I learned to skate,
When I was nine I climbed a vine,
When I was ten I caught a hen,

16 Bluebirds

Sixteen bluebirds sitting on a fence. Flapped their wings and started to dance. Upward, downward, All along the line, Brightly preened and looking fine! Count 1, 2, 3 . . . . .






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